Business Intelligence Analytical Competencies

Competencies are the skills and capabilities that I bring to the table to make a difference in the world. You can get needed help from me whether your organization is a public service organization, end-user or vendor of analytics.

All activities are centered on the profitable use of business intelligence and analytics. These approaches can be used to increase revenues, decrease costs and deal with risks.

You may be a public service organization who wants to provide education to members. I present BIA topics tailored to improve member knowledge and competencies. Some of the topics include: profitable analytics, BIA technical architecture, data structures for analytics and customer analytics.

You may want to improve your organization’s outcomes by creating or improving a Business Intelligence and Analytics Center of Excellence (BIACoC). I work with you to educate your team, develop roadmaps and strategies based on your objectives, an assessment of maturity and industry research.

As a vendor of BIA software or hardware products you may want to improve sales starting by attracting the attention of sales prospects. I can help by preparing well researched white papers and other collateral material that give potential customers insights into BIA and where your products fit.

Check out the competencies of interest by clicking on the topics on the Menu of Competencies. Please Contact Us with any questions or to learn more.