Are you a data and analytics company that wants to increase awareness of your company and products; wants to grow sales; and wants to improve its reputation? I can help you to get your story to market by writing well researched pieces that your audience will find welcome reading.

My specialty is the data and analytics audience which is addressed through B2B marketing. Members of this audience want to:  choose products and services that help them to succeed; be recognized as knowledgeable experts in the field; avoid expensive mistakes; and save time by following effective practices.  This audience typically is not looking for a sales pitch on your products.  Instead they want solid information from a proven expert.

Types of copywriting and media which I can provide include:

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Technical Summaries
  • Press Releases
  • Emails
  • Business Cases
  • Videos and Webinars

We find that a step by step approach yields the best results. The process of copywriting includes:

  • Agreement on the objectives and deliverables
  • Research of technologies and trends
  • Interview of sponsor leaders
  • Interview of customers for quotes and case studies
  • Production of a draft and revisions
  • Production of a final version
  • Promotion of the results

To be effective, the word needs to get out to the market. Working with you I will develop and execute campaigns including:  my contacts list, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, other blogs and news sites.

Helping you to achieve your goals is critical to me. I will work productively with you and other leaders in your company to deliver writings.  In addition, I can bring in appropriate world class expert researchers and media people as needed.  Copywriting services are delivered through, a unit of First Place Software, Inc. as well as through other research organizations who may bring me in for specific research and copywriting assignments.